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Leve 1: Muliticultural Wellness Education Training

Are you a Mental Health Professional, an Educator, a Youth Serving Professional, a Migrant a Refugee Serving Advocate, or a Professional committed to Health and Wellness Promotion? This training is for you!

Learning Objectives:

Demonstrate an understanding of post-traumatic stress disorder, secondary traumatic stress and chronic stress as these impact the body, mind, emotions and spirit of those affected by traumatic events.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Capacitar’s popular education approach to trauma healing using body-based practices to release blocked energy and to promote wellness in the body, mind and spirit.
  • Use different modalities for lessening traumatic stress, including: mindfulness, centering, breathwork, modified Tai Chi & Pal Dal Gum acupressure for lowering stress and blood pressure.
  • Demonstrate the principles, practice and application of modified Tai Chi for lowering stress, coping with anxiety & depression and promoting health and well-being.
  • Use mindful breathing exercises to calm and center, to release strong feeling sand emotions, to self-regulate, and to improve health and well-being.
  • Utilize, assess and promote the Capacitar trauma healing practices to different groups including those who have witnessed traumatic events, children, youth, families, and other groups such as teachers in schools.
  • Explain different methods used in the trauma recovery process and the role of the group, organization & systems in the trauma recovery process.

40 Hours of CPU’s & CPE’s available for: Social Workers, Professional Counselors,                                                                                                            and Educators

How long is the training: Training consists of 8 training days, broken down into 4 modules. Each module is taught for two consecutive days per month. Participants must complete all modules to receive certification. 



 Module 1                       Module 2                      Module 3                                Module 5

April 21-22                  June 23-24                   September 22-23               November 3-4

9am-3pm                      9am-3pm                       9am-3pm                                 9am-3pm


Modality: both in-person and via zoom available


Cost: $250 – Thanks to our partners at the Paso del Norte Health Foundation, training is provided at a significantly reduced rate. *early bird, student, and groups discounts available. Please email [email protected] for discount code. 

Level 2- Advanced Formation

Level 2 requires completion of Level 1 Multicultural Wellness. MWET graduates will further expand their knowledge in Capacitar’s body-based wellness. Advanced formation includes learning techniques in self-care, anger, fear, and anxiety. 

Cost: $100

Modality: both in-person and via zoom available

Schedule: 4 classes, half-day 

Class 1                                            Class 2                                Class 3                                   Class 4

Self-care                                        Anger                                    Fear                                        Anxiety

March 4                                         May 13                                 August 12                           October 21       

8:30am-12pm                           8:30am-12pm                  8:30am-12pm                  8:30am-12pm